SouderCreations…crafting custom items for you and your home!


SouderCreations on Etsy loves crafting items for you and your home! Browsing this Etsy shop you will discover a variety of different home accents, handmade candles, pet goods, baby items, classroom decor, jewelry and gifts! SouderCreations is a husband and wife duo that turned their hobby into a home business. Dianna has always had a passion for sewing and crafting, while her husband Dustin loves constructing self designed items. For the home business, Dustin is in charge of woodworking and the assembly of the home goods while Dianna works on your custom items including painting, sewing, and more.  The two decided to open up an Etsy Shop so that they could share their creations with you! The couple currently runs their Etsy shop out of Summerville, South Carolina.


This rustic leash holder designed by SouderCreations featured above is perfect for a multi pet family! Hang your pet’s leashes and fill the mason jars with pet treats to reward your pets. You can personalize this holder by adding your pets names in a wide variety of different fonts and colors! The 8 oz Mason jars featured are included.

SouderCreations also created these chalkboard signs to ease the everyday question of ‘whats for dinner???’. This chalkboard sign is perfect for writing down your dinner plans for the week. This piece is sure to be the conversation piece of your home! The boards are 17″ across and can be mounted to your wall very easily with hardware already attached.

SouderCreations is currently running a giveaway! They have reached their 50th sale on Etsy and will be giving away a set of FOUR Mason Jar Sconces. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is like SouderCreation’s newest giveaway photo, follow them on Facebook or Instagram @soudercreations, share their post and tag them in it, and comment below with “Shared”. You can double your chances by entering on both Facebook and Instagram. Contest ends July 29@ 11:59. Winner will be announced on July 30!

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deardarlington…Pen & Ink Illustrations and Jewelry Designs

il_fullxfull.1264110861_1jbvDearDarlington is a whimsical little shop on Etsy bringing you pen and ink illustrations along with unique jewelry designed by Milwaukee, Wisconsin artist Steph Davies. Steph’s love of art and design led her to pursue a degree at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. Steph’s jewelry and artwork incorporates whimsical elements including birds, feathers, crescent moons, and arrows. Her shop evokes bohemian, artsy vibes. In addition to selling on Etsy, Steph’s illustrations and jewelry designs are available in shops all over the Milwaukee area.  Featured here il_fullxfull.1238272198_1d1xare a few of DearDarlington’s pen & ink illustrations. These unique artwork pieces are crafted using ink pens and acrylic paint on wood panels. Each one of DearDarlington’s illustrations are one of a kind providing you with pieces that are genuinely unique. These illustrations would make great gift ideas! The wooden blocks are stable enough to sit on shelves but are also easily hung on walls.

Also featured here is a cute jewelry combination designed by DearDarlington. These telescope earrings feature a hammered brass ring adorned with a patina geometric drop accent. I love the pairing of these earrings with one of Steph’s etched brass bird necklaces. These two pieces are simple and easy for every day wear! All of DearDarlington’s jewelry pieces are nickel and lead free.

Connect with DearDarlington through their social media sites to stay updated regarding new items and shop promotions!

•Instagram: @deardarlington

•Twitter: @stephdaviesart


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Ready Aim Craft…Home of the original shotgun shell American flag!


🇺🇸 Ready Aim Craft is an Etsy Shop jam packed full of American Pride and patriotism! 🇺🇸This craft shop is comprised of various items that allow you to show off your love for The USA and express your Second Amendment rights. Ready Aim Craft is best known for its unique shotgun shell signs and flags, but also offers a variety of other items including paracord bracelets, dog toys and other miscellaneous items crafted from shotgun shells. Ready Aim Craft was founded in 2013 by shop owner Janelle. Every one of Ready Aim Craft’s items are designed and created by Janelle and her husband who serves in the U.S. Air Force. They are both strong supporters of their country, their military and their Second Amendment rights! The two currently run their Etsy Shop out of Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania.

What better way is there to show your love for your country than with this American flag made completely from shotgun shells?! This shotgun shell American flag makes the perfect wall decoration for any porch, garage, fireplace mantle, or man cave! This would make a great unique gift idea for any patriot. Each piece is backed with wood and ready to mount on the wall with heavy duty d-rings. The back of each piece is stained with a gun stock color. The area of the shotgun shells actually exceeds the area of the wood backing, really making the flag stand out.  This shot gun shell American flag would make a real statement in any room!

In addition to flags, Ready Aim Craft also creates shot gun shell wall decor mounts supporting the Marine Corps, Army, Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Other shot gun shell items include shot gun keychains, decorative shotgun flowers, shop gun shell weighted place cards for events, and shotgun shell confetti holders!
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AmuseMeShop…High quality small batch Organic Wear!

AmuseMeShop on Etsy is changing the way you shop for garments for your littles! This Etsy shop brings you high quality small batch organic wear handmade in California and Oregon. AmuseMeShop’s garments are durable and specifically designed to let children move and explore the world in comfort! Shop owner and designer Lisa Haukom first began crafting out of simple necessity. While breastfeeding her baby her baby girl would keep tossing her nursing cover to the side after being sick of being kept in the dark. In an effort to keep her baby girl happy being covered while also maintaining modesty, Lisa designed her very own nursing cover.


Her design- the Amuse Me Nursing Cover- is a reversible cover with ribbons attached to the interior layer designed to give your baby a colorful pattern to keep them amused while also keeping them covered. After creating her first nursing cover, Lisa starting expanding her craft to include aprons, and dresses for girls. Lisa loves working with color and patterns to design garments that are comfy and fitting for your littles! Several items in AmuseMeShop are reversible, offering different choices in garment color. Reversible garments are excellent choices for traveling, giving you multiple different options and simplifying your packing! Children grow quickly so Lisa wanted clothes that provide double duty. A little girls dress can then become a shirt, full length pantaloons can become knickers then shorts or even bloomers. AmuseMeShop’s clothes are comfortable and durable and made to live a long life as your child does what they do best! 🙂 

Featured in the photograph here is one of AmuseMeShop’s adorable little girl dresses. How cute is this bird fabric pattern?! When your child grows and the dress becomes short, your child can continue wearing it as a top with AmuseMeShop’s pantaloons. This dress is soft and cut to fit with plenty of room to move and grow. All of AmuseMeShop’s garments are made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind: the way they look and last, and the way they make you feel! 

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BlissBalm…DIY Lip Balm Kits, Bath & Body Products and Supplies!

Have you ever wanted to create your very own lip balms in the flavors of your choice?! BlissBalm on Etsy makes the process of lip balm crafting super fun and easy! This Etsy Shop brings you prepared DIY Lip Balm Kits and Lip Balm crafting supplies so you can make your very own lip balms! Browsing the shop you will discover a variety of different lip balm flavor oils, lip balm making supplies, and an assortment of finished bath and body products. il_570xN.1041688880_rvz5

BlissBalm is a small family owned business operated by a dynamic duo between mom Laura and her 8 year old daughter Kayla. BlissBalm was inspired by Kayla’s love for lip balm. After collecting every EOS lip balm flavor she could find, Kayla wanted even more flavor choices. The two started to research the market and taught themselves how to make their own lip balms in different flavors. Laura and Kayla loved the process and decided they were overflowing with great ideas centered around their lip balms! They decided to create BlissBalm on Etsy to share their great ideas! Laura also thought that creating a lip balm shop would be a great way to teach her daughter how to help run a business, earn money and start saving money for her future. Laura says that her daughter Kayla loves being a part of the business and plays an active role in taking product photos, marketing, product development and helping to ship orders.

Wouldn’t you love to make your very own delicious Macaroon Shaped lip-balms? How yummy do these different colored macaroons look? This Easy to use Lip balm kit comes complete with everything you need to make 6 regular size .25 oz Macaroon lip balms! The kit comes with an assortment of container colors, so choose the flavor you want to match each color! This kit comes with everything you need to make your own custom lip balms. These DIY lip balm kits are great for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and many other special occasions! These lip balm crafting kits are BlissBalm’s most popular items!


BlissBalm adds up new products regularly, so be sure to check their Etsy store often for fresh new bath and body products!

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LullababyByJill…magical nursery decor and baby accessories!


LullababyByJill on Etsy is adding a little touch of magic to your life! This Etsy shop brings you magical nursery decor, precious baby accessories and cute decorations for your next special event.  Shop owner and designer Jill Lair currently runs her decor and accessory shop out of Greenwood, Indiana. She has a passion for creating and loves to craft a variety of different items including baby girl headbands, baby hats, nursery mobiles, and fabric backdrops.

Featured here is one of LullababyByJill’s hanging cloud mobiles! Crystal Clouds, beauty with out the bad weather! Bring imagination to bedtime with these magical crystal clouds.  Enhance your little princess’ room, add more dazzle to your event or baby shower. These customizable Crystal Clouds made in the colors of your choice are the perfect addition to your special occasion. These are such a fun way to decorate for your new baby or your next event!

Jill first starting making her Crystal Cloud mobiles after creating a mobile cloud for a coworker for her baby girl. Jill was so pleased with how beautiful the cloud turned out and loved the creative process that went into crafting it. Jill decided to begin making more magical cloud mobiles to bring one of a kind decorations for your new baby.


Also featured here is one of LullababyByJill’s beautiful and whimsical fabric backdrops. This backdrop incorporates teal colors with multiple different prints mixed with a solid medium pink throughout. I love the color combination on this backdrop! Imagine how cute this would be as a photo prop for your child’s birthday, or as an addition to a baby girl’s room. Contact Jill if you would like a custom fabric backdrop made specifically to match your needs. She can create fabric backdrops in custom colors and can add ribbon or lace adornment to the backdrop as well.

Custom design is Jill’s specialty! If there is anything in particular you would like Jill to create for you, feel free to message her to discuss the details. Maybe you see a mobile that you like however you need a different color or size; contact Jill and she will work with you to make you something that will fit your needs!

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AliRichAccessories…handmade handbags, clutches and scarves!

AliRichAccessories on Etsy brings you a variety of different handbags, clutches and scarves in different styles! Shop owner and designer Alecia Richards currently runs her Etsy accessory shop out of Providence, Rhode Island.  Alecia has over 15 years of retail experience buying and developing fashion accessory products for major department stores. Her passion for fashion design prompted Alecia to teach herself how to sew about a year and a half ago so she could take the art of design into her own hands. Now using the skills she learned, she sews a variety of different fashion accessories including clutches, handbags and scarves. She does all this with a ton of love and passion for all things that are beauty and fashion related. She is passionate about creating fashion forward accessories that others will enjoy wearing and that will bring you happiness aplenty! 🙂


Featured here is one of Alecia’s hand crafted tote bags! This mini tote was crafted in a yellow canvas material, along with a hot pink lining and matching tie closure. I love the little pink pom poms Alecia chose to adorn the outside of this bag and match the interior pink lining. This is such a cute, colorful bag for summer!

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