ErikaLesavageDesign…making gift giving so easy! :)


ErikaLesavageDesign on Etsy is your one stop shop for the perfect gifts for weddings, engagements, graduations, and many other special occasions! This fun, cute Etsy shop brings you a wide variety of coffee mugs and tote bags featuring catchy, cute personalized designs.  All items in the gift shop are custom designs by shop owner and creative Erika Lesavage.  Erika loves adding happiness and humor to people’s lives through her gift creations. The second I clicked on to visit this Etsy shop I instantly got a warm feeling looking at all the beautiful, warm product photos! This shop has such a positive attitude and feel! Erika says “Just looking at my items makes me smile and I know you’ll feel happy having one of these items! ” Erika opened up her Etsy shop in 2016 because she believes Etsy is the perfect place to look for unique, beautiful, great quality goods. Etsy’s marketplace was the perfect match for her items!

Wedding season is in full swing! That means shopping for the perfect dress to wear to friends weddings and also buying the perfect gifts for new couples! ErikaLesavageDesign brings you all your wedding and engagement gift needs for the Bride to Be, Bride and Groom, Parents of the Bride and Groom, Bridesmaids and Maids of Honor!! All gifts can be personalized with the recipients name and even the wedding date! This Etsy Shop truly makes personalized gift giving extra easy! This is your one stop shop for all wedding gift needs 🙂

Let the Father and Mother of the Groom enjoy their morning coffee in these Father and Mother of the Groom mugs featured up above! How cute are these? Imagine getting the perfect photograph of the two with these mugs! These are a must have for the parents of the groom! All of ErikaLesavageDesign’s mugs are high quality designs, made using professional sublimation printers and ink.

Give the future bride a gift she will keep for the rest of her life and that will be a constant reminder of the special day she said ‘I do”. She will just love enjoying her morning coffee in this ‘Engaged Coffee Mug’. This coffee mug makes the perfect Engagement Gift!


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SweetProvidence…celebrating life’s happiest moments!

Sweet Providence Designs on Etsy was created to help you celebrate life’s happiest moments! This Etsy Shop offers a wide variety of digitally editable invitations for all sorts of special occasions! Find the perfect invitations for baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, bridal showers, and other memorable events. Shop owner Danielle Patricil_570xN.1226238306_3f8wk is the designer and creative behind all of SweetProvidence’s digital designs. She is the owner of a small portrait photography business in Lake Providence, Louisiana in addition to running her Etsy custom invitation shop.

Searching for and personalizing the perfect invitation for your event can be time consuming. SweetProvidence on Etsy makes the process so simple and easy!  All of Sweet Providence Designs files are editable by you. You can even try out the ‘demo link’ for invitations you like allowing you to “try out” the design before you buy it. All of Sweet Providence Designs are instantly editable on right in your browser! There is no waiting, nothing to download. Editing your invitations is fast, fun and easy! I love the fact that this gives buyers the opportunity to make their invites come to life.

Maybe you aren’t the most tech il_570xN.1261027803_fog7savvy and would like SweetProvidence to personalize the invites for you- no problem! They will make the edits or customize the design for you. Printing your invites at home is quick and easy, but if you don’t have the particular resources or the time to do so, Sweet Providence Designs is happy to print your custom invites for you!

The baby shower invites featured here are two of Sweet Providence Designs best sellers! Simply edit any of the text for your baby shower print them out on any card stock paper, and send them on their way! The great thing about these invitations is that you can play an active role in the design of your invites without the need for special computer software or special fonts. Why pay and wait for the delivery of your invites when you can get the same professional results from home yourself?

With over 2,000 Etsy sales and a 5 star rating, you can be sure you will just love your invites from Sweet Providence Designs!

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CoordinatesBracelets…hand stamped coordinate bracelets and other custom jewelry!

CoordinatesBracelets on Etsy simplifies the art of gift giving by bringing you hand stamped coordinate bracelets and other personalized jewelry pieces. Shop owner Katie hand stamps each of her jewelry pieces and would love to create a meaningful, custom jewelry piece for you. Browsing her jewelry shop you will discover a variety of custom coordinates cuffs, bangles, leil_570xN.1179982706_9hysil_570xN.1210884095_cw1nather bracelets, personalized necklaces and much more! Custom jewelry creations from CoordinatesBracelets make great graduation gifts, mothers and fathers day gifts, gifts for couples, wedding gifts and Thank You gifts.

The stamped cuff bangle bracelets featured here each display different coordinates. Choose custom coordinates that mean something special to you or a loved one. Possibly the location where you and your significant other first met; maybe the location in which you were born; maybe the special spot where you said ‘I do”. I am sure you can think of many more locations that have been meaningful to you throughout your life! These coordinate bangles create unique special gifts. These bangles are 6″ in length and are adjustable in size. Simply place the bangle on your wrist and adjust it to the correct size. The recipient will love wearing a piece of jewelry that is reminiscent of one of life’s special moments.

Also featured here are CustomCoordinates hand stamped couples bracelets in copper; one bracelet for him and one for her. These bracelets are stamped with roman numerals, signifying an important number in the couples lives. These matching bracelets are such a cute idea for couples! These couples bracelets can be crafted in copper, brass or aluminum. Choose the material that fits the particular couples look!

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MarkWhitneyBoutique…a passion for clothing design

MarkWhitneyBoutique on Etsy is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and owned and operated by a visionary with a passion for designing and making women’s clothing. The goal of the MarkWhitneyBoutique brand is to make you feel confident and to ensure that you love what you are wearing. With a soft pink and white design, the shop’s site itself has a feeling of elegance about it and displays the Mark Whitney logo, along with the tagline: Her luxury. The boutique provides excellent swimwear and custom made clothing that will you will not find anywhere else!

Featured here is one of MarkWhitneyBoutique’s custom two piece bikinis. This statement bathing suit glorifies the world traveler. Do you speak more than one language, and call the whole world your home? If so then this world flag bikini is perfect for you. Featuring different flags from all around the world, you are sure to make friends along your travels with this one of a kind suit. This multi-colored bathing suit features a high-waisted design and is made from polyester and spandex. You will feel sexy and confident as you take on the world in this one of a kind bikini!

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KisufimJewelry…continuing the tradition of fine jewelry making in Tel Aviv, Israel

il_570xN.1175694194_b1ea KisufimJewelry on Etsy is continuing the tradition of fine jewelry creation that has been passed on from generation to generation. The KisufimJewelry collection features diamond jewelry, genuine gemstone rings, drop and stud earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands; all in custom 14K rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. Each KisufimJewelry design is hand crafted, vintage inspired and can be customized to meet your specific needs. The jewelry workshop, incorporating the word ‘Kisufim’, translating in Hebrew to ‘yearning’, is located at the heart of historic Tel Aviv, Israel.

KisufimJewelry shop owner and jewelry designer Ari Kasten was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1965 to a working class family of Holocaust survivors. At the young age of 14 he began looking for a job in order to help assist his family. He was lucky enough to land a part time janitorial job at a jeweler’s studio who specialized in the design and manufacturing of old-world gold jewelry. Over the years Ari become an apprentice at the jewelry studio, learning jewelry design from the shop masters. He used the special skills learned during his apprenticeship to later open his own workshop independently manufacturing his own designs from the concept stage through to the final product.
Featured here is KisufimJewelry’s vintage inspired rose cut diamond pillow style ring in 14 Karat rose gold. This rings’ intricate design exhibits a classy and vintage feel. This statement ring shows exquisite attention to detail. This is the perfect engagement ring or anniversary ring that keeps alive the creation of fine jewelry using old world techniques.

KisufimJewelry has been on display at many shows and large exhibitions all over the world, and has been purchased by many celebrities. Ari is proud to say that many models and stars across the world wear his jewelry designs. All KisufimJewelry pieces are designed and signed by Ari himself. All items come with a Kisufim jewelry gift box perfect for gift giving.  KisufimJewelry is proud to offer free shipping worldwide, including handling fee and insurance.

Ari takes pride in each and every one of his jewelry designs, seeing each piece through from design to completion paying high attention to every little detail. You can feel confident choosing a jewelry piece from KisufimJewelry knowing you will receive a quality jewelry piece that was hand crafted with love and will be enjoyed by the recipient for years to come.

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LynnBachmanFashion…Livening up your morning cup of coffee!

LynnBachmanFashion on Etsy is livening up your morning cup of coffee! This Etsy shop brings you a variety of coffee mugs showcasing different fun themes! Shop owner Amber Bachman rungs her Etsy shop out of Westlake Village, California and loves creating unique coffee mugs that will brighten up your morning! Her mugs feature themes from iconic movies, fun characters, and unique art. 
The Elvis mug featured here is the perfect gift for the Elvis fanatic! This is an 11 oz ceramic coffee mug that is microwave and dishwasher safe. All mugs from LynnBachmanFashion come packaged in a gift box, making them perfect for gift giving! For those that can’t get enough of the journey of Thelma & Louise this coffee cup is perfect! This mug is reminiscent of the American road trip and the path to self discovery. The perfect gift for a friend who is on their own life journey! 

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SARIDJO…Charitable Fashionable Jewelry

SARIDJO on Etsy brings you fashionable, unique jewelry with a cause! This jewelry shop offers a variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that all each have a charitable purpose! This shop was founded by the SARIDJO sisters who made it their goal to bring you to symbolic, fashionable jewelry at reasonable prices while giving back to charity and humanitarian causes around the world. SARIDJO’s charitable initiative is to donate 10% of each sale to campaigns benefiting refugees around the world.


Featured here are a pair of SARIDJO’s evil eye necklaces! These Zahra evil eye necklaces are available in either blue or rose. These are 14K gold plating with 925 sterling silver chains. I love the detail on these little evil eyes! This necklace would make a great gift idea for a friend. All jewelry items from SARIDJO come in their signature jewelry pouch ready for gift giving!


Aren’t these evil eye earrings so neat? These are unique gold ear jackets with lash cuffs and evil eye enamel paint adornments. It’s like getting two different unique pairs of earrings with these earrings- wear the top stud alone, or add the jacket for a unique look! There are just a few of these evil eye earrings available so if you love them then be sure to snag yours now!

By shopping SARIDJO you will not only receive one of a kind items but your purchase will also help make a more positive change in the world. SARIDJO’s truly values their customers and together they help build up their charitable efforts.

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SARIDJO on Etsy is an extension of the online store Visit to learn more about the significance behind the brand and their charitable contributions. 

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