AmuseMeShop…High quality small batch Organic Wear!

AmuseMeShop on Etsy is changing the way you shop for garments for your littles! This Etsy shop brings you high quality small batch organic wear handmade in California and Oregon. AmuseMeShop’s garments are durable and specifically designed to let children move and explore the world in comfort! Shop owner and designer Lisa Haukom first began crafting out of simple necessity. While breastfeeding her baby her baby girl would keep tossing her nursing cover to the side after being sick of being kept in the dark. In an effort to keep her baby girl happy being covered while also maintaining modesty, Lisa designed her very own nursing cover.


Her design- the Amuse Me Nursing Cover- is a reversible cover with ribbons attached to the interior layer designed to give your baby a colorful pattern to keep them amused while also keeping them covered. After creating her first nursing cover, Lisa starting expanding her craft to include aprons, and dresses for girls. Lisa loves working with color and patterns to design garments that are comfy and fitting for your littles! Several items in AmuseMeShop are reversible, offering different choices in garment color. Reversible garments are excellent choices for traveling, giving you multiple different options and simplifying your packing! Children grow quickly so Lisa wanted clothes that provide double duty. A little girls dress can then become a shirt, full length pantaloons can become knickers then shorts or even bloomers. AmuseMeShop’s clothes are comfortable and durable and made to live a long life as your child does what they do best! 🙂 

Featured in the photograph here is one of AmuseMeShop’s adorable little girl dresses. How cute is this bird fabric pattern?! When your child grows and the dress becomes short, your child can continue wearing it as a top with AmuseMeShop’s pantaloons. This dress is soft and cut to fit with plenty of room to move and grow. All of AmuseMeShop’s garments are made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind: the way they look and last, and the way they make you feel! 

Explore more garments at AmuseMeShop on Etsy here!


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