ErikaLesavageDesign…making gift giving so easy! :)


ErikaLesavageDesign on Etsy is your one stop shop for the perfect gifts for weddings, engagements, graduations, and many other special occasions! This fun, cute Etsy shop brings you a wide variety of coffee mugs and tote bags featuring catchy, cute personalized designs.  All items in the gift shop are custom designs by shop owner and creative Erika Lesavage.  Erika loves adding happiness and humor to people’s lives through her gift creations. The second I clicked on to visit this Etsy shop I instantly got a warm feeling looking at all the beautiful, warm product photos! This shop has such a positive attitude and feel! Erika says “Just looking at my items makes me smile and I know you’ll feel happy having one of these items! ” Erika opened up her Etsy shop in 2016 because she believes Etsy is the perfect place to look for unique, beautiful, great quality goods. Etsy’s marketplace was the perfect match for her items!

Wedding season is in full swing! That means shopping for the perfect dress to wear to friends weddings and also buying the perfect gifts for new couples! ErikaLesavageDesign brings you all your wedding and engagement gift needs for the Bride to Be, Bride and Groom, Parents of the Bride and Groom, Bridesmaids and Maids of Honor!! All gifts can be personalized with the recipients name and even the wedding date! This Etsy Shop truly makes personalized gift giving extra easy! This is your one stop shop for all wedding gift needs 🙂

Let the Father and Mother of the Groom enjoy their morning coffee in these Father and Mother of the Groom mugs featured up above! How cute are these? Imagine getting the perfect photograph of the two with these mugs! These are a must have for the parents of the groom! All of ErikaLesavageDesign’s mugs are high quality designs, made using professional sublimation printers and ink.

Give the future bride a gift she will keep for the rest of her life and that will be a constant reminder of the special day she said ‘I do”. She will just love enjoying her morning coffee in this ‘Engaged Coffee Mug’. This coffee mug makes the perfect Engagement Gift!


SAVE 15% off your next purchase from ErikaLesavageDesign by using Coupon Code: FIFTEEN.

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Check out some of the other great gifts at ErikaLesavageDesigns on Etsy here!


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