MarkWhitneyBoutique…a passion for clothing design

MarkWhitneyBoutique on Etsy is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and owned and operated by a visionary with a passion for designing and making women’s clothing. The goal of the MarkWhitneyBoutique brand is to make you feel confident and to ensure that you love what you are wearing. With a soft pink and white design, the shop’s site itself has a feeling of elegance about it and displays the Mark Whitney logo, along with the tagline: Her luxury. The boutique provides excellent swimwear and custom made clothing that will you will not find anywhere else!

Featured here is one of MarkWhitneyBoutique’s custom two piece bikinis. This statement bathing suit glorifies the world traveler. Do you speak more than one language, and call the whole world your home? If so then this world flag bikini is perfect for you. Featuring different flags from all around the world, you are sure to make friends along your travels with this one of a kind suit. This multi-colored bathing suit features a high-waisted design and is made from polyester and spandex. You will feel sexy and confident as you take on the world in this one of a kind bikini!

Explore the other custom made clothing and swimwear at MarkWhitneyBoutique on Etsy here-


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