TheThreaded13…taking the boring friendship bracelet to the next level!


Shop owner and jewelry designer Alex Turnage at the TheThreaded13 on Etsy is taking the boring friendship bracelet to the next level! Alex, 22 now, has been creating friendship bracelets since she was just a little girl. She is passionate about crafting jewelry pieces with unique patterns and embellishments. Browsing her shop you will find a variety of friendship bracelets, embellished bracelets, beaded bracelets, anklets, unique necklaces, paracord bracelets, cute keychains, and even men’s bracelets.


Alex’s goal is to always keep her creations under $20. She wants her creations to be affordable for as many people as possible. She currently runs her jewelry shop out of Braselton, Georgia. If you are looking for a custom piece feel free to contact Alex- she’d love to create you a custom design!

Connect with TheThreaded13 on social media to stay updated regarding shop promotions and new items!
Instagram @thethreaded13
FB @thethreaded13
Tumblr @thethreaded13

Browse TheThreaded13 on Etsy here!


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