BranchesIntertwined…Beautiful, hypoallergenic jewelry at an affordable price!

Shop owner and jewelry lover Leah is a young designer striving to make a career out of her passion. As a child, Leah had several extreme metal allergies which prevented her from wearing a wide variety of jewelry. There were not many pieces which would keep her from developing a reaction. Leah also hated the fact that these particular jewelry pieces she could wear were always either too expensive or just plain and bland. She was constantly disappointed with her jewelry choices, being stuck with just a handful of pieces while all her friends could change their jewelry by the day to match any outfit or any occasion. It is this feeling of missing out which inspired Leah to create BranchesIntertwined.
The mission behind BranchesIntertwined is to provide attractive, hypoallergenic jewelry at an affordable price. Whether the material is lead-free or 14k gold, BranchesIntertwined strives to remain accessible to any budget while continuing to pursue unique and innovative designs. Leah envisions growing her Etsy shop into something much larger, so that those with metal allergies can wear something beautiful without fear and without breaking the bank. Browsing BranchesIntertwined you find a variety of uniquely designed necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Featured in the photograph above are two of my favorite pieces from BranchesIntertwined. These peacock feathers dangle from classic drop-earrings or posts and are available in either silver or gold. These peacock earrings would pair beautifully with this set of two delicate gold bracelets. One bracelet is strung with tiger’s eye beads, while the other is adorned with a charm that showcases one of my favorite sayings “Adventure Awaits”.

Take advantage of BranchesIntertwined summer sale that is going on right now!
Start of Summer Sale (Now through June 6)
Use code SUMMER20 for 20% off orders over $30
Use code SUMMERSHIP for FREE worldwide shipping on orders over $60
Use code SHIP30 for free domestic shipping on orders over $30
Support Leah me on her journey and browse the beautiful jewelry available at BranchesIntertwined on Etsy here-


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