CyKLu…Botanical and Nature inspired Jewelry


CyKLu on Etsy brings you botanical and nature inspired handmade jewelry beautifully crafted by artist Victoria out of her studio in Athens, Greece. Jewelry is truly Victoria’s passion and the way she can express her creativity. Victoria has studied the process of jewelry making and went through training to become a silversmith. She uses the lost wax technique to create her jewelry. This technique centers around hand sculpting the model in red wax into a particular design which is then used to create the piece of jewelry out of sterling silver. Victoria uses a local casting studio to turn her creations into sterling silver or gold. This is a local casting studio based in Nea Ionia in Athens. This small casting studio consisits of just five that possess a great knowledge about casting and lost wax method. They have a great quality of sterling silver and gold. This is a very interesting and very old method of jewelry making! CyKLu’s jewelry pieces are truly unique pieces of wearable art featuring exhibiting a minimalist and natural look.
Featured above in a nature inspired ring designed by Victoria showcasing tiny seeds in sterling silver. This botanical delicate ring has 8 tiny seeds on a twig ring band. I love the natural, organic feel of this ring. Ideal for everyday wear or for more special occasions like an alternative wedding ring! The finish on this piece is matte, very feminine and unique. Also featured here is the hand sculpted dried poppy pod necklace in Sterling silver. This beautiful and nature inspired pendant of dried poppy pod necklace,hanging from a very unique chain.

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View some of Victoria’s other botanical jewelry in her Etsy shop here!


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