RainbowPegDolls…Pegs dolls created specially for you! 

RainbowPegDolls on Etsy is a quirky little shop offering wooden peg dolls in a variety of custom designs! Shop owner Sophie Lewis loves designing and creating custom peg dolls to fit your needs! She uses non-toxic acrylic paint in her figurines and ensures they are durable so they can be enjoyed as keepsakes for years to come! Sophie currently runs her peg doll workshop out of Athens, Georgia. 

It’s the wedding day for these bride and groom peg dolls! How adorable would it be to have your own mini you and your beau on top of your wedding cake? RainbowPegDolls certainly think so! Use these as cake toppers for your beautiful wedding cake and then keep the little couple for years to come! Your little one can also get lost in their imagination creating the happily-ever-after of weddings with this charming peg doll wedding play set! There are so many uses for these peg dolls! They also make the perfect ‘thank you gift’ for your little flower girl or page boy or place them on your kid’s table to entertain your younger guests. Whether giving it as a gift or keeping it for yourself, this peg doll set will bring joy for years to come!

Sophie loves accepting custom orders and will create you a wedding party peg doll set that specifically matches your wedding color scheme!  

Adult peg dolls are 3 9/16” tall while child peg dolls are around 2” tall. Each peg doll is carefully hand-painted using non-toxic acrylic paint and completely customizable! 

These custom peg dolls would make adorable or wedding anniversary gifts! RainbowPegDolls can also recreate the happy couple from old photos of a wedding. A truly thoughtful and unique gift guaranteed to put a smile on any loved-one’s faces! 

Their hand painted peg doll couples can capture the unique details of your wedding dress and bouquet, a perfect keepsake for you to remember your special day! After the wedding the peg dolls make a gorgeous ornament, or they can be mounted in a shadow box to hang on your wall.

In addition to wedding themed peg dolls RainbowPegDolls also crafts kids peg dolls, animal peg dogs, wooden peg doll tooth fairy boxes, holiday peg dolls and many more!

Browse the peg doll shop on Etsy here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/RainbowPegDolls?ref=l2-shopheader-name


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