LaceyblueBoutique…Find Your Happy Place :)

At LaceyBlueBoutique you will feel a sense of warmth and happiness just browsing this Etsy boutique! LaceyBlueBoutique brings you a variety of uniquely crocheted items including custom crocheted mermaid tails, headbands, tote bags, blankets, scarves, coasters and much more! Shop owner Cara is a vibrant soul who is a passionate teacher by day, and an entrepreneur by night. She loves to crochet, craft and loves being a part of the Etsy community. LaceyBlueBoutique is a great shop to browse for Mother’s Day gift ideas, summer essentials, and just fun, cute things all around!

As Cara’s home and classroom became bombarded with many blankets, scarves, clipboards, and just tons of creations in all shapes and sizes she realized she may need to slow down- Until now where she can share all her creations with the world through Etsy! :). Cara currently runs her crochet shop out of the beautiful city of Valencia, California.
This hand crocheted mermaid tail is so pretty and fun! It is perfect to cozy il_570xN.767407170_ep8i.jpgup in as a little girl or even for us grown ups who just want to be..well…under the sea! Or just put on your mermaid tail to keep warm and snuggle up with a good book just like a snuggie :). These mermaid tails can be made in any color and will be hand crocheted by Cara and shipped out to you within a week! These mermaid tails can be made in any size to fit anyone in your life looking to be a mermaid :).il_570xN.750421123_7xv7-1.jpg

Also featured here is one of LaceyBlueBoutique’s beautifully made crocheted scarf! This is a light scarf that is a perfect yarn to wear on nice warm days to simply add a touch of color and flair to any outfit! This particular scarf is made with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn in a beautiful color called “Sunrise”. It is beautiful and so fun! Cara herself has fallen in love with these scarves and has been making them for herself in every color! You’ll absolutely love the beautiful colors and how light weight this scarf is! It offers flair to any outfit.


LaceyBlueBoutique is currently offering some promotions that you should be sure to take advantage of! Use code “10Lacey” for 10% off your order! OR code “5Wonderful” for $5.00 off your order! Choose whichever code does more for you!

Explore some of the other crocheted gifts available at LaceyBlueBoutique on Etsy here!



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