WoodYouBuildIt…Bringing Handcrafted Woodworking Back to America one Home at a Time!

WoodYouBuildIt on Etsy specializes in handcrafted woodworking pieces featuring unique ideas and customization! WoodYouBuildIt is unlike any other online retail shop. I love the fact that WoodYouBuildIt truly brings craftsmanship to the next level! It’s not just the quality behind each of their projects, it’s the full package. From concept to creation, and from design to delivery, each WoodYouBuildIt piece is completely made to order and is delivered directly to your home, with installation when necessary. There’s just something special about knowing your piece of furniture was crafted exclusively by hand. Shop owner Justin Robichaud has always had a lot of creative ideas about making and designing wood projects as it has been one of his life’s passions. He comes from a family line of many woodworkers and has learned a lot from them and his own experiences. He currently runs his woodworking shop out of Templeton, Massachusetts. Justin’s goal is to continue to grow his Etsy business in effect making WoodYouBuildIt a household name for years to come!

Featured in the photograph here is a custom designed WoodYouBuildIt triple storage bin. This piece is made out of solid pine and each beadboard recessed panel on the door is made from scratch. Unlike the typical wooden blocks that usually keep the doors from falling forward, Justin uses a metal hinge system. This technique helps add strength, durability, and is very classy to the look of the bin! This bin is a piece of furniture that will be part of your home for generations! The stain for your piece is included in the price. Choose your stain color of choice from the color chart which includes 20 different stain color choices. Trash barrels are included in the price and each fits a standard 13 gallon trash bag. Each bin is custom built by Justin from scratch. This would make a special, unique addition to your home with a classy look and functional purpose!

Explore some of the other pieces handmade by Justin at WoodYouBuildIt on Etsy here!


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