BlueWorldTreasures…Handcrafted OOAK Gemstone & Native American Jewelry

BlueWorldTreasures on Etsy brings you handcrafted genuine OOAK gemstone and Native American Jewelry from Grand Prairie, Canada.  All of BlueWorldTreasures pieces are handcrafted by shop owner and creator Tara Potter from design to completion. These jewelry pieces are wearable pieces of art that you will not find anywhere else! Tara and her husband are both Metis people – recognized Aboriginal people in Canada, with distinct culture and traditions that borrow from their mixed heritage (European and First Nations).  Tara aims for a natural feel for all her pieces as she loves the beauty of the natural world around us. All of the gemstones and pearls Tara uses in her designs are real, as only the real pieces possess healing vibrations. She is an avid lover of nature having always lived in northern Canada, growing up in the Yukon Territory. 

You will see some unfamiliar words while browsing BlueWorldTreasures Etsy section names – these are Cree words, and they are used to divide up the shop according to the feel portrayed by each unique piece. Wawetseka means “Pretty Woman” and this section contains more mainstream pieces that possess a more modern, sophisticated feel.  Huritnuna means “Beautiful Land” and this is where you will find Aboriginal styled pieces that also incorporate not only gemstones, but birchbark, driftwood, butterfly wings, and buffalo bone. Askuwetaw means “He Keeps Watch”- in this section you will discover handcrafted, heirloom quality Rosaries, Prayer Beads and Cross Jewelry. Wematin means “Setting Sun” which displays discontinued pieces that are discounted if you are on the search for a great deal! 


These long boho bullet necklaces from BlueWorldTreasures featured here are totally unique! The brass casings are from shells that brought down a large bull Buffalo for a sacred Sundance ceremony.  A single Herkimer diamond has been inserted into the empty end of each casing and then each casing has been wire wrapped with pure copper jewelry wire. The long cord is genuine rawhide. Tara has adorned each bullet differently. The first one has a turquoise dyed Howlite carved leaf bead attached. The second one has a genuine Tigers Eye gemstone nugget, and the third one is a simple Sacred Spiral finish. These are three very unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind! Once these are sold, there are no more until next Spring after the next sacred ceremony.

You can find BlueWorldTreasures jewelry offline in the Slave Lake Visitors Centre Gift Shop in Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada as well as in the Kinusayo Museum Gift Shop in Kinuso, Alberta, Canada.  If you would like Tara to create a unique custom piece just for you, then please get in touch with her. She loves accepting custom work! 10% of all sales from BlueWorldTreasures are donated to 4 Charities that are near and dear to Tara’s heart ~ KIVA, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace International and Doctors Without Borders.

Explore some of the other designs at BlueWorldTreasures on Etsy here-


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