SimplyProfound- Simple in design…profound in expression


SimplyProfound on Etsy is a praiseful, purposeful and profound Etsy shop that is dedicated to creating unique handmade items that go beyond just design and product. Each item is thoughtfully created and crafted for the purpose of bringing about a positive change in the world. Every piece sold gives back in donations to various causes and charities. Shop owner and designer Laura Franco’s goal is to bring you a simple shop yet one with with a profound purpose. The idea behind SimplyProfound stemmed from Laura’s desire to live a life that is full of meaning and purpose. Each collection in her shop represents an important aspect of her life all with the purpose of revolving around praising God, promoting animal welfare, and simply giving back to the community. The Simply Praiseful collection is dedicated to giving praise and serving God. Through donations SimplyProfound hopes to be able to help spread the gospel, provide food and shelter to those less fortunate, and bring hope to those seeking something bigger. The Simply Purposeful collection is for all the animal lovers and activists that are out there each day saving animals and promoting animal welfare. As a non-consumer of animals herself and a momma of four dogs, Laura has an immense appreciation and respect for all creatures and their life. No animal should ever have to endure suffering for our selfish purpose of pleasure, entertainment, or greed. Each item serves as an advocacy of animal rights and contributes monetary funds to those establishments making a change and difference in the lives of animals. The Simply Profound collection is more of an eclectic combination that reflects other passions and interests. Each item is simple and unique in design but profound in what it stands for. I love the fact that with the Simply Profound collection, a percentage of the proceeds from this collection goes to the buyer’s choice of charity.


SimplyProfound has teamed up the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles to assist them in providing a Thanksgiving meal for hundreds of people this coming holiday. Laura has personally committed herself to feeding 100 people. The URM is a non-profit organization that helps men, women, and children experiencing homelessness by providing light and hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ; shelter and food, as well as other much needed resources. They look at each individual as a whole person and provide them with services to nourish their mind, body, and spirit. Please help SimplyProfound help others who are less fortunate this holiday season! Each shirt that is purchased helps to not only provide TWO individuals with a hot Thanksgiving Day meal, but also gives them shelter, a sense of significance, and the opportunity to hear the word of God and know that they are loved.

Explore some of the other available designs at SimplyProfound on Etsy here! Help make a positive impact in someone’s life today!


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