ChunksBabyJunk…for your sippy cup throwing toddler!

ChunksBabyJunk was made specifically for your sippy cup throwing toddler! This cute Etsy shop is your one stop shop for Baby’s Sippy Cup Straps & Accessories! Most moms are in need of a Sippy Cup Strap with a Suction Cup. How many moms do we have out there that have toddlers that love dropping their sippy cups off their high chairs? ChunksBabyJunk shop owner and creator Heidi Danker’s little one had quite the arm at a young age and inspired her to create these unique sippy cup straps. She thought that there had to be a suction gadget out on the market for a sippy cup. After looking everywhere and being unable to find anything she went out and bought a sewing machine and materials to create her very own Suction Sippy Strap. After selling several thousand Suction Sippy Straps, she is so glad she followed through with her idea about opening up an Etsy shop to make these sippy straps available to other moms out there! Heidi knows how many other parents must go through the same chaos at meal time as she did and are looking for a solution! Heidi is a stay at home mom to two boys, ages 4 and 2. Her Etsy shop is her ‘nap-time’, nighttime and weekend job. Heidi absolutely LOVES making these and is more than happy to accommodate custom colors/designs. All parents of little cup chuckers need this so they aren’t constantly bending down every two seconds to get their little munchkins cup!

This Sippy Strap featured in the photograph here is one of my favorites! This cute giraffe print is great for both boys and girls who need a sippy strap! This durable Sippy Strap is made of a double layer of ribbon, metal D-ring, velcro and a removable suction cup to make it very versatile. Places to use with the suction cup include *Certain Tables, *Car Windows ,*Plastic High Chair Trays; while places to use without the suction cup include *Strollers,*Shopping Carts,*Wooden High Chairs, *Car Seats, *Hiking Backpacks! You will love the versatility these sippy straps provide. They can be used with or without the suction cup! You will love how easy it is to just suction the Sippy Strap to a table or plastic high chair tray or remove the suction cup to loop onto a stroller.
Explore all the other sippy cup strap designs and other items at ChunksBabyJunk on Etsy here!


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