178thNMadison on Etsy brings you a wide variety of uniquely designed fashion jewelry pieces that are perfect for a variety of different occasions! This jewelry shop’s aim is to bring you items that make you feel powerful, attractive, and unstoppable. As women, we deserve to feel to our best, and accessories will help us do just that! 178thNMadison’s shop owner has been creating art in different mediums for over 30 years. Artistic passion runs through her veins so she decided that it needed to be in her career as well. The inspiration for the name behind her Etsy shop stems back from her childhood. 178th is the street that she grew up on in Queens, NY, where she lived with her grandmother. Her grandmother was her rock, supporter and was a lady with truly great style. Madison on the other hand was the name of her first dog named after Madison Avenue. The combination of these two important pieces of her life lead to her shop name of 178thNMadison. She currently runs her fashion jewelry shop out of Seattle, Washington.il_570xn-1060147810_37qa

The Triple Stone Choker statement necklace featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from 178thNMadison. You need confidence to wear this stunning eye catching beauty. It is light weight to wear and sits comfortably on the neck. This stunning choker is gold finished over brass at 16″ in length. You can also twist off the ball at the base of the choker, remove the pendant and just wear the choker. Depending on your mood, this is a very versatile piece! The stones in the pendent are a beautiful amethyst, labradorite and lapis from Turkey. The tassel is beads with a gold plated cap. Add this stunning piece to your jewelry collection or buy it as a stylish gift for a girlfriend- everyone will love it!

Explore some of the other jewelry designs available at 178thNMadison on Etsy here!



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