HomeSpunEssence…Natural Alternatives for Daily Life!

I am excited to introduce to everyone HomeSpunEssence on Etsy which is a certified Kentucky proud retailer offering all natural alternatives for daily life. This company was started with a whole lot of faith and heart and has grown into a successful business bringing you lots of different natural products that you can incorporate into your daily routine! Some of the wonderful things HomeSpunEssence on Etsy offers include: *Wool Dryer Balls, *Wool Dryer Ball Scents, *Aromatherapy Blends, *Essential Oils, *Soy wax melts and * Baltic Amber both raw and polished as well as other gemstones.

Shop owner Hylarii Millner currently runs her Etsy shop out of Lexington, Kentucky. She is proud to offer you a variety of different natural items that are great for not only you and your baby, but for your home as well. HomeSpunEssence products are natural, safe, and effective. Hylarii is confident that you will love her products as they are made with only the purest ingredients for you!

HomeSpunEssence’s Love Spell (VS) Inspired wool dryer ball scent is featured in the photograph here! HomeSpun wool dryer ball scents come in 2 different sizes, for your convenience. The life of each bottle will depend on you and your scenting preferences. Some people like a very light scent, as others may prefer something a little stronger.There are approximately 400 drops of liquid in the 15ml bottles, so if you were to buy a set of 6 dryer balls and use 2 drops per ball that’s more than 30 loads! This number will all depend on you and how often you scent the dryer balls. From Hylarii’s experience,  2 drops per ball/per load is plenty of scent to add to your HomespunEssence Wool dryer balls. These Wool dryer ball scents are made of only the finest essential and fragrance oils that are also phthalate free.

HomeSpunEssence also has tons of other wool dryer ball scent options to choose from- Blueberry Pancakes, Banana Nut bread, Caramel Apple, and Dragons Blood are just a few others that I am curious to try!

Be sure to connect with HomeSpunEssence through Facebook to stay updated regarding new shop products and promotions! or

Explore some of the other natural items offered from HomeSpunEssence on Etsy here!


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