ArizonaHandmadeSoaps…love your skin!

ArizonaHandmadeSoaps has one goal in mind- for you to love your skin! This Etsy shop brings you a variety of 100% handmade bath and body items including soaps, bath bombs, bubble baths, beard oils, beard balms, and lotions. ArizonaHandmadeSoap products contain no: Mineral oil, Petroleum, Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Silicone, Propylene glycol, Aluminum, Formaldehyde. You will feel great using these products knowing that they are made from natural, healthy ingredients! 

After moving to the desert with her family, shop owner Peggy White quickly realized how harsh the desert weather was on her skin. She began researching and discovered that most commercial soaps are full of detergents. Looking for a different alternative to skincare, she began learning how to make her own soap. After trying out her homemade soap creations, her skin loved them! She now makes her soap creations available to you, along with fun bubble bath items and moisturizers. She runs her soap shop out of her home in Peoria, Arizona.


These solid lotion bars featured here are the most common product purchased at ArizonaHandmadeSoap’s local shows! Everyone loves these lotion bars and you will too. These convenient solid lotions are perfect for on-the-go dry skin issues. They are solid in the container and melt on contact from the heat of your skin. They are great for rubbing on fingers, cuticles, elbows or anywhere where extra moisturize is needed. They also work great as an all over, all day moisturizer! Just apply after your shower and you’ll have soft skin all day. By the end of your day, your skin will still be creamy without the greasiness. They come in a handy twist-up plastic tube which is perfect for purses or backpacks. This amazing butter blend includes Cocoa and Shea butters and Sweet Almond Oil formulated to retain and lock in moisture. Choose your favorite scent or request unscented!

Explore the other body products available from ArizonaHandmadeSoaps on Etsy here!


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