Sasagiftshop…memory lockets that tell your unique story!

Sasagiftshop on Etsy brings you beautifully crafted floating memory lockets in a variety of different designs! Memory lockets serve as story pendants that capture special memories and serve as wonderful keepsakes. Some of Sasagiftshop’s designs include personalized memory lockets for the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, and lockets for new mothers or gifts for a best friend! Sasagiftshop’s memory glass lockets can be incorporated into special key-rings for a loved one to carry with them wherever they go or into necklaces that are held close to the heart.

Shop owner May currently runs her memory locket shop out of London, United Kingdom. May is a full-time mother of two boys. She was wondering how to utilize her creative side and to spend her spare time when she came across the idea of creating memory lockets which each tell a story.


Each memory locket made by Sasagiftshop is special because each tells a unique and individual story. The shop’s vast collection of tiny floating charms are all mini symbols and icons of real-life and events. There is a special symbolism represented when meaningful charms are held close to you inside a locket. Create a memory locket that tells your unique story!

The bridesmaids memory locket key-rings featured here are the perfect gifts for your bridal party. Each keyring locket comes with an engraved black plate that reads ‘bridesmaids’ along with a crystal and 3 floating charms. Each memory locket comes with a charming organza gift bag. Design one memory locket for your entire bridal party or you can even customize each locket for each of your bridesmaids! 

Living Memory Lockets capture special memories or events and preserve them within a Locket. The charms included in the locket illustrate different stories allowing you to choose which charms represent your own personal story. Explore the other memory lockets available at Sasagiftshop on Etsy here!


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