53KIRIJP..Antique&Vintage KIMONO, Handmade bags!

A visit to 53KIRIJP on Etsy will make you feel like you are journeying through Japan! This Etsy shop that is run out of Hiroshima, Japan offers uniquely designed tote bags that are crafted from vintage Japanese aprons! These Japanese shoulder bags are absolutely unique and cool! Shop owner EMI loves to incorporate Japanese vintage and antique cloth il_570xN.1006794924_3sltil_570xN.1060963859_917ointo modern fashion items. She does her best to choose cloth that is in the best condition and creates unique designs that are functional and fashionable while also presenting a piece of history.

The Japanese tote bag featured here is one of my favorites from 53KIRIJP. The right side of the tote is thick and strong while the left side is made from vintage Japanese blue cloth. I love the fact that the strap of this shoulder bag is made from a Vintage Japanese apron’s waist cord! The original pocket from the apron is also incorporated inside the bag to provide you with extra storage space! This is a great tote bag for school, work, travel, or just as a cool, fashion statement! Use it to carry notebooks, novels, clothing, laptops and much more! This bag features the character TENGU on the front of the bag- a Japanese long-nosed goblin. TENGU are legendary creatures in Japanese folk religion and by some are considered a type of God.

Explore some of the other Japanese tote bags available at 53KIRIJP on Etsy here!



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