ArcadiaArtistry…Thumbprint Tree Guestbooks for Geeky Weddings

ArcadiaArtistry is a quirky Etsy shop that specializes in thumbprint trees for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and more! If you’re looking for a personal touch that has to do with your geeky wedding theme (Zelda Weddings, Harry Potter Weddings, etc) ArcadiaArtistry has got you covered. In ArcadiaArtistry you will find a variety of Wedding thumbprint trees, baby thumbprint trees, personalized guestbooks and printable sings! Shop owner Jenni loves to paint and to illustrate digitally. She has more than 10 years of experience as an illustrator. She currently runs her Etsy shop out of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. Jenni started creating wedding thumbprint tree guestbooks after she fell in love with the idea while planning her own wedding. She became frustrated that she was not able to find subtle, elegant ways to incorporate geeky themes into her wedding. Being an avid Zelda, Harry Potter, and fantasy books fanatic she thought it would be really special to add a touch of those things to a wedding. This interest sparked her imagination and became how she came up with her unique illustrations and guestbooks! 
il_570xN.1020216012_rbh1Featured here is a print form ArcadiaArtistry that features a  Harry Potter Whomping Willow along with Lily and James’ patronuses. This print will truly allow you to add some magic to your wedding, baby shower or special event. The artwork is printed on high quality artist paper and includes a free fade-resistant inkpad. Choose the ink color pad of your choice. Guests will love to fill out the branches on the magical tree with their thumbprints! This thumbprint tree guestbook will make a special keepsake!

Take advantage of ArcadiaArtistry’s sale that is going on now! Take 20% OFF orders over $50. Use the coupon code SUMMER2016 at checkout. Sale ends Sunday, August 14, 2016.

Explore ArcadiaArtistry on Etsy here!


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