LiLONECREATiiONSZ…Hand Made Jewelry with a touch of Graphic Design skills 😉

LiloneCreatiionsz is a unique Etsy shop that combines the art of handmade jewelry making with the art of graphic design. This fun little Etsy shop brings you awesome emoji earrings in all the famous symbols you love!! LiloneCreatiionsZ brings you the awesome yellow smileys, different objects, hearts, food, people, zodiac, animals, nature, flags, and many more of your favorite emojis incorporated into unique earring designs! 

Shop owner and designer Cristina is a graphic designer and crafty jewelry instructor currently running her jewelry shop out of New York. Cristina has been creating handmade jewelry since she was 14 years old and continued on to receive her Bachelors in Fine Art continuing to express her passion for art. One day she had the idea to incorporate the symbols we see everyday into her jewelry designs.il_570xN.621642137_rc58 Using her graphic design skills along with her jewelry design background she began creating unique emoji style earrings! Cristina loves to incorporate fun symbols into art that you can wear on a day to day basis!

Check out Cristina’s shop frequently because she is constantly adding up new emoji designs! A whole bunch of flag designs were recently added. I il_570xN.611085895_8zl3am also super stoked about the new food section that is coming soon!!!🍆🍑🌮🍱🎂🍪

The famous “Speak no evil” Monkey is one of my favorite emojis! Aren’t these earrings cute? These would make a great gift for a friend who loves to use this emoji in text messages! These earrings are light weight on the ears and fun to wear! Next up is the infamous smiley laughing face emoji! This emoji can have so many different meanings! These earrings would definitely be a conversation starter. These earrings make me giggle just looking at them!

Follow LiloneCreatiionsz on their social media sites to stay updated regarding shop sales and promotions!

Explore some of Cristina’s other jewelry creations on Etsy here!


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