Krystala…KRYSTALA CREATIONS Soft Felted Wool Hats Extraordinaire!

Welcome to Krystala Creations ~ Soft Felted Winter Hats with New Fall/Winter designs created each up coming year ~ keeping Krystala’s Collections gorgeous hats fashion forward! Krystala hats are soft to the skin yet keep their shape for years to come and are winter worthy, whether cold and/or windy days. They are specifically designed not to create hat-head, both due to their softness and to their breathability using merino wool. Most of Krystala’s hil_570xN.1038827233_f4kpats are custom made to give you the perfect fit in your desired color. Each hat design has persil_570xN.905241434_oomtonality and everything in Krsytala’s Etsy shop is hand made giving great attention to detail right down to the finishing touches.

Shop owner, maker and designer Terri Joy Mosquera currently runs her shop out of Watertown, Massachusetts. Having lived in Massachusettes her entire life, she is quite familiar with the cold weather and loves being stylish when it comes to keeping warm! She is a single proud mom of three grown children and seven grandchildren! Terri loves creating feminine pieces that have a unique, fashion forward style yet are timeless and handmade with love and care. Krystala creations on Etsy has allowed Terri to tap into her artistic niche as she showcases her love for beautiful colors, textures and fibers of all types of fabrics and other mediums.

If you live in the cold weather climates but feel that maybe you don’t look good in a hat or cannot find a hat that fits you perfectly you need to contact Teri! She will show you there is a hat for everyone!! Customers have said that Terri’s hats fit like a hug on your head and are toasty warm!

In addition to hats, Krystala Etsy shop also brings you beautiful and colorful flower clutches, stylish ear warmers, as well as creative art yarn fiber bundles!  The shop brings you a large variety of different yarn bundles to suit any theme or craft you may have in mind!

At Krystala there is also a summer hat sale going on for 30% off full price on all hats for a limited time only! Check out the different hat sections in Krystala Etsy Shop for a hat style that you love and use the coupon code SUMMERHATSALE when purchasing. The coupon is valid for both hats that are ready to purchase and all custom made hats also!

Explore Krystala on Etsy here!


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