AboveTheFoldStudio…A cute little card shop!

AboveTheFoldStudio on Etsy is passionate about greeting cards and is here to provide you with a wide range of uniquely designed cards for a variety of different occasions! In the cute card shop you will find cards for various events including Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Graduations as well as Thank You cards, Inspirational cards and Miss you cards. The cute little card shop also has a section of cards specifically designed for service members, teachers, graduates, dog lovers and cat lovers! AboveTheFoldStudio designs and creates all their greeting cards out of their little paper shop in San, Diego California.


Make your special friend/loved one/family member or service member feel important and loved with a card from AboveTheFoldStudio on Etsy! The “You are my sunshine’ card set featured here is one of my favorites from AboveTheFoldStudio ! I can think of so many uses for these cute little cards. Use them as thank you cards to show your appreciation; give one to dear friend to show how much you care; they could even be used as an uplifting, inspirational message for a friend in need. Send off these cuties to your friends and family members, or just keep a set in your desk for yourself! They are adorable, rustic, feminine and altogether perfect. The blank inside allows you to write your own sentiment.

AboveTheFoldStudio prides themselves on being pretty paper enthusiasts. If you have a cute idea for a card feel free to message AboveTheFoldStudio to request a custom order!

Explore some of AboveTheFoldStudio’s other cards on Etsy here!



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