LittleTsStudios…Artsy treats that won’t break the bank!

LittleTsStudios on Etsy is an artsy little shop bringing you a variety of unique artwork pieces. Shop owner and artist Tori has always had a passion for the arts and after receiving much encouragement and support for her art, has decided to share her pieces with the world! Tori loves to explore different mediums, creating unique artwork pieces using colored pencils, acrylic paints, watercolors, markers, and calligraphy pens. Some of her creations include watercolor flower bouquet painting, a beautiful orange lily acrylic painting, a black colored pencil horse drawing, and a calligraphy print displaying a quote about the pursuit of happiness. Tori currently operates her little art studio out of Poynette, Wisconsin.

il_570xN.1028728339_d8ibTori is passionate about her artwork and truly loves the design and artistic process that goes into creating each piece. She hopes that you will enjoy her art pieces as much as she enjoys creating them! The wanderlust poster print featured here beautifully incorporates the quote “Never lose your sense of wonder”. This wanderlust quote describes the traveler in all of us. Traveling is a passion most people can bond over; no matter age or culture. It serves as a perfect reminder to never lose interest in what makes you you. This piece of art by LittleTsStudios is a high quality print on matte paper finish.

Decorate your space with a unique work of art by LittleTsStudios on Etsy!

Explore some of Tori’s other art pieces on Etsy here-


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