SwedHeartSwings…Custom Engraved Exclusive Tree Swings!

SwedHeartSwings on Etsy brings you exclusively designed custom tree swings. This Etsy shop makes it possible for you to put your own creations into wood! Whether is it something uniquely drawn, written, a photo of someone, or a special quote- any of these can be put into wood and made into a special memory! The engraved tree swings showcase the beauty of an exotic hardwood called Cumaru (Brazilian walnut) which has some amazing properties! Aside from its immense strength and lovely interlocked grain pattern, it’s rot resistant, and is naturally insect and weather proof. This exotic hardwood is spectacular and will last decades. SwedHeartSwings are first engraved and then conditioned using a fine penetrating oil. The knots are then tied on the swing for you so it is ready to hang when it arrives!il_570xN.999047904_jfpyA custom engraved tree swing by SwedHeartSwings makes a special, thoughtful gift. Give one as a wedding gift for a dear friend; as a house warming gift; a custom engraved anniversary gift to name just a few ideas. The opportunities for designs on these custom swings are endless! SwedHeartSwings display wonderful attention to detail, craftmanship and quality in their design. You can be rest assured that you will love your custom swing and will not be able to wait to hang it up when it arrives!

Explore SwedHeartSwings on Etsy here- https://www.etsy.com/shop/SwedHeartSwings


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