TarotbyWinterRea…Tarot Card Readings!

TarotbyWinterRea is an intriguing Etsy shop run by shop owner WinterRea who offers tarot card readings! WinterRea has over 15 years of experience in tarot card reading and promises to give you a honest and accurate reading. Tarot readings by WinterRea are unique because she will supply your reading to you through email! Simply purchase a tarot reading through her Etsy shop and supply the needed information about yourself and your reading will be sent to you by WinterRea within 24 hours of purchase!

I know that I have always been curious about tarot card readings myself! Going to a tarot card reader alone for the first time may seem out of yourcomfort zone. For those who feel this way, a personalized reading by WinterRea is a great option! Tarot card readings allow you to find out more about yourself, and are also a wonderful source of advice and guidance. The Celtic cross spread is one of the most popular spread’s WinterRea uses for reading.

Aren’t you curious as to what your reading will reveal? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TarotbyWinterRea


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