DoodlepipColorCharms on Etsy brings you crayons that are jewelry, and jewelry that’s a crayon! This shop’s unique line of jewelry pieces are handmade from a proprietary wax crayon blend, giving you a fun accessory that looks and feels like your favorite jewelry, but colors like a crayon! What a fun, unique idea! All of DoodlePipColorCharms products are non-toxic, heat and melt resistant, and are long-lasting. DoodlepipColorCharms is a family owned business located in Joplin, MO. Shop owner Nicole Phillips aim is to bring you specially designed jewelry that is both stylish and functional addition to your daily style!
il_570xN.1033111561_kt1vDoodlepipColorCharms are wax based charms and jewelry pieces that look and feel like plastic, but color like a crayon. All of DoodlePipColorCharms are created from a durable proprietary wax and color blend. They have been designed to last longer than a traditional crayon, providing prolonged use before any noticeable wear. They are designed to be heat resistant, allowing you to wear any style, even on the hottest summer days, without any concern of them melting on your clothes!

Have some ‘All Around Fun’ with this colorful crayon necklace featured in the photograph here! Five circular beads strung on a waxed cotton cord. Necklace adjusts to 29″ and has an adjustable slider making it perfect for kids or adults. The ends are decorated with additional crayon charms for added fun!

What I love about DoodlePipColorCharms is that they the perfect accessory for adults as well as children. These fun, playful crayon charms are perfect for the both boys and girls who loves to create their own masterpieces, the mom on the go who still wants to look put together, or anyone who enjoys a beautiful piece of art!

Explore these fun, jewelry pieces on Etsy here!


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