TheLacePoppy…Jewelry with Expression

TheLacePoppy on Etsy brings you unique, expressive jewelry that is bursting with personality! In the jewelry shop you will find a variety of unique handmade jewelry pieces from boho and yoga inspired jewelry to geeky and literary inspired jewelry. From earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chakra lines, rings, and hand-stamped jewelry you will find a bunch of jewelry with expression. Each piece from TheLacePoppy is carefully constructed by  shop owner and creator Allie out of her jewelry workshop in Akron, Ohio! Allie has always had a passion for jewelry making and for trying out different jewelry-making methods. She started out just making jewelry pieces for friends and family, but after everything she created was so well-received she decided to branch out and start her very own Etsy shop! TheLacePoppy’s motto is “Helping you Showcase Your Personality one Piece of Jewelry at a Time!”

il_570xN.1029900631_ld8rI love the piece featured in the photograph here! This is a Silver Hand-stamped Om Kay Tag & Lotus Charm Necklace piece from the ‘wear your om’ line. The Meaning of the name: “being om kay” combines the meaning of the Om; the essence of your life being and deepest soul and the idea of being “okay. The Lotus symbolizes a delicate balance and the essence of creation; becoming. This would a beautiful gift for a spiritual friend as a gift of healing, encouragement or hope! 

Explore other jewelry pieces from TheLacePoppy on Etsy here!


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