EmelysPlannerShop…♥ Cute Planner Stickers & Clear Stamps ♥

EmelysPlannerShop on Etsy is the perfect place for all planner and scrapbook lovers! The shop brings you a large assortment of planner accessories, stickers, clear stamps and more! You will find a beail_570xN.1003843291_444sutiful selection of stickers that will transform your daily planner from ordinary to extraordinary! Stickers are a perfect way to put a personal twist on your professional planner. Stay organized while still making your planner or calendar colorful and stylish!

Shop owner Emely has always had a passion for graphic design and is thrilled to be able to bring her customers a variety of unique stickers. She loves cute and playful designs such as cupcakes, unicorns, rainbows and more. She hopes her designs  will brighten and bring colorful cheerfulness to your day!

Featured in the photograph here is the ‘XXL Clear Stamp Set’ which includes a total of 150 different clear stamps! Each stamp is 1 cm. This set comes a large selection of functional stamps that you can use to decorate your planner for everyday. Stickers and stamps are a cute, easy way to make your planner aesthetically appealing and personalized!

Emely ships out all her items very fast and offers worldwide shipping!

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