WhiskerWisdom..All natural handcrafted beard oils.

WhiskerWisdom on Etsy brings you an enchanting collection of all natural handcrafted beard oils! All WhiskerWisdom’s beard oils are handcrafted from 100% all natural essential oils in a Sweet Almond and Hempseed oil carrier blend. All beard oils are shipped in a cloth drawstring bag, for easy gifting! Father’s day is just around the corner! Give dad something special that he will love! The beard oil collectionil_570xN.732577170_700a at this point includes “Lucid”, “Cumulous”, and “APEX” varieties.

The Whisker Wisdom Beard Oil- “LUCID” is featured in the photograph here. WhiskerWisdom’s “Lucid” Beard Oil is a light and crisp fresh scent that is reminiscent of the Carolina countryside in early spring. This blend begins with warm woodsy notes of cedarwood and then rounds out smoothly with a breath of lavender and a crisp splash of lime. An expert blend of lavender essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, lime essential oil, black pepper essential oil, sweet almond oil, and hempseed oil make up this beard oil.

Be sure to check back in the shop for Beard Balms that are coming soon!

Browse the beard oil shop here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiskerWisdom


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