LauraJaneAtelier…Natural Parisian Inspired Fragrance

LauraJaneAtelier shop on Etsy brings you a beautiful collection of natural Parisian inspired fragrance. All fragrances from LauraJaneAtelier are free from phthalates, parabens, colorants and animal products; specially formulated with natural rose water. All perfumes are hand made and designed by shop owner Laura Mitbrodt out of her lovely perfume shop in Victoria, British Columbia!

The perfume featured in the photoil_570xN.977736902_i62dgraph here is LauraJaneAtelier’s signature fragrances ‘Parisian Bouquet’ – A natural perfume inspired by spring afternoon tea and macarons in a French garden. A seductive combination of vanilla and coconut, refreshing citrus tea melting into the intoxicating scent of violets, freesia and spring roses. It is a delicate and feminine fragrance perfect for wearing to tea. The combination of vanilla and coconut combined with citrus and floral create a sweet aroma with a ladylike allure. This naturally delicate perfume contains hints of Bergamot, Vanilla, Benzoin, Lavender, Rose, Freesie, Coconut, Gardenia and Violet.

Perfumes from LauraJaneAtelier are available in 30mL glass atomizer bottles, or 10mL and 5 mL roll on bottles. If you are curious and would like to try out the natural fragrance for yourself prior to purchasing a bottle feel free to try out a 2 ml sample! Also in her perfume shop, you will find solid perfume lockets. These vintage lockets are perfect around your neck providing a delicate and intoxicating wild rose scent. Apply the solid perfume to your neck and wrists through out the day as a delicate refresher.

Feel free to explore the perfume shop here-


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