MinaKindo…African Handmade Jewelry!

MinaKindo on Etsy brings you a creative display of hand crafted ethnic, tribal jewelry in a variety of unique designs and colors! The jewelry shop ran out of Pennsylvania has a lovely display of necklaces, earrings and bracelets showcasing unique beaded masterpieces! Aminata Amadou Kindo is the owner, designer and creator of MinaKindo Jewely. She has always been very passionate about arts and crafts! She loves unleashing her creativity and letting her ideas manifest into beautiful realities. Her Mother taught her how to use a needle and since then she has become addicted to the craft! Mixing colors, cultures and shapes to create original jewelry is Aminata’s speciality! She first begins with a sketch of a new design and then jumps into her bead collection to begin assembling the pattern. Hours later, the design begins to come to life! Aminata loves bright, vibrant colors, which is evidenced in her jewelry items.

The African beaded earrings in green and orange displayed in the photograph here are one of the special pieces in MinaKindo shop!
These earrings are an African design inspired by weaved mats. Women in the African country of Niger weave the mats with dried palm leaves. These mats are usually simple but sometimes colored with red, green, and indigo colors. In Africa the mat is a symbol of hospitality, if you have a guest taking out your mat this means that he is welcome. The more sophisticated the mat, the more important the guest. These earrings are a true piece of ethnic, tribal jewelry with a lovely story behind them!

Aminata personally uses all of her creative energy to craft jewelry that is as African as creative! With a piece of jewelry from MinaKindo you will be sure to own a masterpiece! She also has a blog, www.minakindo.com, where she posts about her latest jewelry creations and offers tutorials!

Explore more of MinaKindo jewelry creations on Etsy here!-



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