ChicherJewelry on Etsy…Customize your own bracelet!

ChicherJewelry on Etsy is a new shop which allows you to customize your own bracelets! Among some of the available pre-stamped bracelets in the shop you will finds cuffs stamped with inspirational quotes such as “Live in the moment” and “It was all a dream”.  Get your own special bracelet hand stamped with your favorite short verse, greek letters, symbols or name! You can also pair your stail_570xN.1013820971_fitwmped bracelet with thinner hammer time cuffs for a cute look!  Bracelets are available in 6 inches as well as 7 inches to accommodate different sized wrists. The custom stamped bracelets are available in either gold (brass nugold) or silver (1100 pure aluminum). I love the fact that each and every bracelet from ChicherJewelry is individually hand stamped giving each bracelet it’s own special charm! Bracelet characters can also be stamped in black letters if you prefer! The set of bracelets featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from ChicherJewelry on Etsy! I love the combination of the stamped bracelet with the thiner delicate gold hammered cuffs!

Feel free to browse ChicherJewelry on Etsy here!-


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