PixelMeltdown…Pixel art crafted from fused plastic beads!

PixelMeltdown on Etsy offers a variety of comic books and videogames inspired pixel art, pokemon pieces, anime and manga and other assorted characters! Shop owner Matt Branscom runs his pixel art sil_570xN.939200938_r4wghop out of Minnesota! PixelMeltDown designs are great for unique additions to decorate game rooms, recreational rooms, or anywhere in your house you would like a retro feel! If you would like to request a specially made item, Matt would love to work with you on it. He loves to make his customers happy, so feel free to contact him for any custom requests!

The Princess Peach Toadstool Pixel Art Sprite featured in the photograph here is one of my favorites from PixelMeltDown. Princess Peach takes me back to my nintendo days!

Be sure to connect with PixelMeltDown on social media!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PixelMeltdownDesigns

Explore some of PixelMeltDown’s other pixel art here!-



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