Chrysandals…Gladiator Sandals for Women with Interchangeable Laces!

Chrysandals on Etsy brings you unique Gladiator Sandals for Women. The shop offers the original, eco-friendly, recyclable lace up gladiator sandal offering you a sole with a variety of interchangeable laces in every color imaginable! In the sandal shop you will find a variety of ankle high gladiators, knee high gladiators, thigh high sandals, sandal combo packs, and a variety of interchangeil_570xN.918173883_mn7nable lace colors!

Chrysandals patented lace up gladiator sandals are the only 100% rubber soled sandals in the world! I love the fact that these unique sandals can take you straight from the beach to a night on the town in seconds. The sandal shop offers a vast array of laces, designer embellishments, and infinite styling possibilities to create a sandal that provides a fun, chic, and sexy look!

Shop owner and designer Kymberly and her family currently run their sandal shop out of Nevada! The family makes the sandals right on their dining room table with their own hands. The sandal shop also tries their best to source as many materials as they can from right here in the USA!

Even better yet, Chrysandals on Etsy offers FREE Shipping on US orders!

Check out the unique sandal shop on Etsy here! –


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