PrettyHappyPrints…make your world a pretty happy place!

PrettyHappyPrints on Etsy offers a variety of different mix and match prints. The cute print shop has a wide selection of prints for everyone ranging from nursery prints, religious inspirational prints, cute quote prints, office decor prints, and much more! The shop adds up new items each week so be sure to check back frequently!
The owners of PrettyHappyPrints on Etsy are two sisters, Rebecca and Jo, who have made it their mission to make your home a prettil_570xN.953633104_mi42y happy place! Rebecca comes up with the ideas and the designs for the digital prints! Jo on the other hand is the brains on the operations and handles all the business aspects of their business. Together, they are a creative and dynamic duo! The sisters say- If your walls could talk they’d say “Let’s shop here.”

One of my favorites prints from PrettyHappyPrints is the cute “Follow Your Bliss” Starbucks print featured in the photograph here. This would make a super cute addition to a home office or workstation cubicle to brighten up your area! With PrettyHappyPrints on Etsy you can easily make your home and workspace a unique expression of you!  I also love the fact that if you buy 3 PrettyHappyPrints, then you get 1 free!

Explore some more PrettyHappyPrints on Etsy here!-


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