NapTimeAcrylics…Original and Affordable Abstract Art

NapTimeAcrylics on Etsy features unique abstract original paintings. Shop owner Kathryn Hill il_570xN.989348857_288rpaints each of her unique paintings during her son’s daily naps in Florence, Alabama. Each abstract acrylic painting offered by NapTimeAcrylics is completely original. Kathryn has always had a passion for art and has made her goal to provide affordable, quality art for people to enjoy!

The turquoise impasto acrylic painting featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from NapTimeAcrylics. This original abstract art piece is titled “Mermaid Scales”. The painting is a combination of crackle paste, metallic gold acrylic paint, metallic turquoise acrylic paint, and champagne mica flakes. This painting can be purchased with or without a frame. If you choose to purchase it with a frame, the painting will come framed as shown in the featured photograph! The ornate frame was hand stained with a gold leaf wax, and has shades of gold and brown throughout. It is a unique, modern art piece that would add a contemporary flare to any room!

Be sure to connect with NapTimeAcrylics for shop promotions and updates!
Check out some of Kathryn’s other abstract art in her Etsy shop here-


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