TenderLoveCandles…Spread Love, Buy One, Give One!

TenderLoveCandles on Etsy offers natural soy candles in a variety of different scents! All candles are made with natural soy wax and essential oils. Soy Wax is derived from soy beans! Soy Wax il_570xN.927325713_oiqais a great alternative to regular wax which potentially leaves behind harsh chemicals. At TenderLoveCandles they use 100 % natural soy wax, which gives a great candle burn time and less black soot! Soy is commonly found in many beauty products. And what’s unique about these candles is that the natural soy wax in the candles can be used as a moisturizing agent! Next time you burn your TenderLoveCandle, let the wax cool, then use a little to smooth over your skin. Your skin will feel and smell amazing!

Shop owner Erinn Kristen loves candles and the relaxing qualities they possess. She is a spa owner in DC, whose passion for creativity began at a very young age. She started TenderLoveCandles out of Frederick, MD to share her passion with you in hopes that when you are having a tough day or need a refresher, TenderLoveCandles will do the trick!

The shop uses the highest quality non-metal materials to create long lasting scents and a great burn. TenderLoveCandles believe Fragrances are essential to creating candle memories!

The candle featured in the photograph here looks delicious to me! Mango Mango Mango Lovers! You can never get enough mangos! It has a sweet scent with a delightful hint of peach!

TenderLoveCandles loves charities and for this reason has partnered with a non-profit charity called “Generosity Global ”. 10% of candle sales are donated to this organization! This charity makes it their mission to feed and supply clean water to people all around the world.

TenderLoveCandles are the perfect gifts to enhance one’s mind and body. These inspirational candles will awaken, relax and create life memories as we live our journey.
Feel free to explore TenderLoveCandles here!-


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