Looking to sell your handmade and vintage items online? Kate and Bean is coming soon!

14dad4_64af38ac76924d76a722c43f3b87e44bKate and Bean is an online shop conceived in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. Throughout the shop, you will find items that are carefully hand-selected by our team, as well as items that are consigned by collectors and creators.  The storefront is set to launch in the summer of 2016, but will begin accepting vendor applications in early April!

Kate and Bean’s relationship with their vendors is aimed to result in one thing: making your business easier for you! Kate and Bean wants to take all of the grunt-work out of your day-to-day routine and leave you to what you do best: creating!
Many shop owners have found that the most tedious part of their business includes things such as the time and energy involved in creating professional looking photography, staging products, storage & shipping of shop items and also shop promotion including being able to give the necessary attention to buyers.  Kate and Bean used this feedback from creative shop owners to create what they feel is the perfect solution to all of these concerns! A unique, care-free alternative to operating your own shop!
Here are some Perks of a Kate and Bean Partnership: 
-a welcome kit that includes 50 personalized vendor business cards
-storage of your listed inventory in temperature-controlled headquarters
-professional staging and photography for each listing
-personalized vendor shop and bio with shareable web address
-customer interaction
-packaging and shipping services for all purchases
-bi-weekly payouts via direct deposit for all sold items

Competitive monthly rates with 3-month and 6-month plans are available.
Kate and Bean’s monthly flat rates are competitively priced depending on contract length.

Kate and Bean has already begun to see an overwhelming response from collectors and creators who are interested in collaborating with them! Their goal is to make the lives of their vendors easier and to offer a carefree alternative to operating your own online shop.

So, what does selling with Kate and Bean look like?
1) Your first job will be to do what you do best and love! If you’re a seamstress, you’ll sew. A knitter? You’ll knit. If you’re a sculptor, you’ll sculpt. If you’re a vintage collector, you’ll collect vintage.If you’re an artist, you’ll create works of art.

2) Your second job will be packing up your unique products and sending them to the Kate and Bean headquarters.
3) Kate and bean will handle everything from there!

Spend more time crafting, creating, and doing what you love and let Kate and Bean take care of the rest!

Interested in learning more about selling with Kate and Bean or want to be notified when the application goes live? Sign up for Kate and Bean’s monthly newsletter here to receive updates about when the application will become available! Subscribers will be the first to know when the vendor application goes live!

Feel free to check out Kate and Bean here!


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