DyStyle …Pin Up / Rockabilly / Retro shop with original designs!

DyStyle on Etsy showcases a passion for femininity and style, bringing back the retro look with a fresh touch! The shop offers a unique variety of pin up, rockabilly, and retro styles that bring you the best of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s styles! Shop owner Diana out of Venezia, Italy loves to hand create vintage inspired, high quality items! Some of the unique designs in her shop include flapper dresses, bridesmaids dresses, burlesque outfits, retro wear, ballerina costumes ,pin-up dresses and prom pieces!

DyStyle pieces are all  intricately handmade and custom fitted just for you! The burlesque skirts for example can be made with whatever feather colors you desire; length can be adjusted; and different corsets can be chosen. You have the option to choose your favorite color schemes and even the fabric that Diana will use to design your piece! Each piece is unique and carefully crafted by hand. It will not take more than 7 days to have your piece ready.

The beautiful dress featured in the photograph here is called ‘Marilyn Lace’ taking inspiration from the iconic white dress of Marilyn Monroe. DyStyle put a new flare on the piece making it shorter and combining the lovely lace with silky taffeta, so it gives you a retro but yet new, updated look! Feel free to make it your own by requesting a different color background on the dress. The dress can also be made a longer length and even in plus sizes! This dress will fit you perfectly, because each is handmade with high attention to detail and quality!

Feel free to browse DyStyle on Etsy here!-


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