The Dizzy Windmill’s Etsy Birthday! Weekend Long Sale and Giveaways!

DizzyWindmill on Etsy features quirky, geek-chic unique handmade items! Shop owner and creator, Shelly, uses the best supplies she can find from an independent local yarn shop, to craft all her products with her own two hands. No looms or machines needed! Her shop focuses on geek couture, quirky wearables and home goods!

Shelly operates her Etsy shop DizzyWindmill out of Potsdam, NY. She taught herself how to knit starting back in 2009, by first making her dad a Tom Baker scarf. She is a nerdy knitter that loves putting form and function into her creations! Shelly loves creating items that showcase a little quirky or geeky feel, home goods and sometimes even toys and jewelry pieces.

Shelly decided to include ‘Windmill’ in her shop name as she is part Dutch. She will gladly discuss custom designs and work with you to create something really special! Any item can be made in a different fiber type than showed in the current listings. Shelly will work hard to provide you with fun and high quality knitted items!

**Stop by The Dizzy Windmill on Etsy between February 26th, 2016 and February 28th, 2016 for The Dizzy Windmills Etsy B-day which will be celebrated with a weekend long sale and even giveaways!!!**

Feel free to follow The Dizzy Windmill on Facebook, Twitter (@dizzywindmill) and Instagram @thedizzywindmill for new item releases and shop updates!

Let your quirk shine!

Check out The Dizzy Windmill on Etsy here!


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