Unique Button Creations by ‘All Buttoned Up By Tina’ on Etsy!

Tina Cauthorn, owner, creator, and designer, of “All Buttoned Up By Tina” on Etsy puts her creative skills to work to intricately craft one-of-a-kind button frames! Tina operates her “Button Factory” out of Lake Oswego, Oregon! She buys all her Buttons off of Etsy, eBay, and at antique stores. So many Buttons! Each picture frame she creates is a one-of-a-kind creation. Some frames feature vintage buttons that are layered to create a three dimensional effect. In addition to vintage buttons, some frames feature vintage jewelry pieces for additional sparkle! Tina carefully combines the buttons into color stories to create a cohesive, pulled together look for all her frames!

If you don’t see the perfect frame to suit your needs in her shop, Tina can also create you the perfect custom frame! Custom button frames and button decorated initials are a possibility. If you love the look of Tina’s picture frames, imagine them being personalized with YOUR own vintage buttons and jewelry! Do you have some of your Mom’s or Grandmother’s old pieces of jewelry? These can be added to the picture frame to make it PERSONAL as a beautiful remembrance or a special gift! All the frames are 4″x6″ frames, however other sizes are available upon request! (5″x5″ , 5″x7″, 8″x10″ , 11″x14″). Custom frames and initials made by Tina take approximately 7-10 days!

The unique button frame featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from AllButtonedUpByTina on Etsy! Vintage buttons are layered to create a three dimensional, layered effect. In addition to vintage buttons, vintage jewelry has been added for additional sparkle! This frame is a combination of Blue and Silver Buttons … all accented with Rhinestones. The pin is a Silver and Blue Flower. The back of the frame is covered with coordinating colored paper! This frame can stand vertically or horizontally.

Tina says ‘Everyone thought I was crazy when I started to make button picture frames! Then they saw them … everyone thinks they are cool. I have branched out and am doing initials, mirrors, boxes and the latest addition- Button Flowers and Button Magnets! If I can glue a button on it, I will do it!’.

Need a nice Wedding gift? A Birthday present? An accent in your favorite room? A frame for a special holiday? A unique button frame from AllButtonedUpByTina would be a great choice!

Taking care of her customers is Tina’s main priority! Be sure to check out some of AllButtonedUpByTina’s amazing feedback on Etsy!

Save 20% on your entire order when you buy more than one item from AllButtonedUpByTina! Use coupon code: SAVEMORETHANONE at checkout!

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Explore her shop on Etsy here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/allbuttonedupbytina


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