LovelyWreathDecor on Etsy…Featuring Beautiful Wreaths and Home decor items for various occasions!

LovelyWreathDecor on Etsy features unique wreath designs and various home decor items that will add beauty to your home or event! The shop features various sections including Valentines day items, Easter wreaths, year-round wreaths, and real-touch roses!

The preserved boxwood wreath featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from LovelyWreathDecor on Etsy! This wreath is simple, yet elegant and will be sure to add a touch of beauty to your home or event! This wreath would be a great addition to an outdoor, rustic farmhouse style wedding or get together! This beautiful boxwood wreath comes in three different sizes- 6 inches ,8 inches or 10 inches to fit your various decorative needs.

Shop owner Renate located in Alphretta, Georgia makes it her personal goal to provide beautiful, unique, and stylish front door décor and ensures that you are pleased with your items! She is quick to answer any questions you may have before making a purchase!

Be sure to ‘like’ LovelyWreathDecor on Facebook for shop updates, discounts, freebies and contests!

You can also see new photographs of shop items by following LovelyWreathDecor’s instagram page!

Feel free to explore some of Renate’s creations on Etsy here:


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