Sketchadesign on Etsy…Unique Jewelry & Accessories Design Brand!

Sketchadesign on Etsy is a jewelry & accessories design brand offering young women & men a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings & leather goods! Shop owners and designers Chen Sviezki & Sharona Merlin meticulously design and sketch each and every detail to create stunningly unique pieces! All Sketchadesigns’ pieces are made out of the finest materials, creating not only trendy but timeless items anyone can adore!

Shetchadesign offers a few different lines of jewelry one of which is called POP, characterized by a free sketch line design. The collection is inspired by the urban landscape images and everyday life combined with geometric shapes and minimalist design with a sense of humor.

Sketchadesign’s newest collection called LUX features high quality jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings featuring a royal style. Each piece combines a unique colorful tassel made of genuine leather!

Shop owners Sharona & Chen, both graduated from the industrial design department at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, becoming both business partners and best friends. The owners say that their inspiration comes mainly from the urban landscape and everyday life combined with humor and fun. They say “The quote which guides us through the making process is “Smile when you wear me”. Our goal is to translate our ideas into minimalist, clear products that will make people smile and make unique pieces that manage to spread out the message without words and without explanation.”

The gold tassel necklaces featured in the photograph here are some of my personal favorites from Sketchadesign! The elegant mesh chain necklaces feature unique charms of colorful tassels made of genuine leather. The necklaces are made of high quality brass with long lasting 24K gold plating. These necklaces allow you to wear them with both tassels tied together in a knot or you can keep them loose! I love the different options and looks these necklaces can provide! They can fit both everyday styles and fancy occasions. They have a trendy bohemian style that will complement fall and summer looks alike!

Feel free to explore Sketchadesign’s unique pieces on Etsy here!

Also, feel free to visit their Facebook page / Instagram to stay updated with the newest pieces!


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