GladRagRibbons on Etsy…Cheap and Cheerful Rolls of Ribbon!

GladRagRibbons on Etsy brings you lots and lots of different colors, widths, and patterns of ribbons to choose from! Look no further for all your ribbon reel needs! Go on, spoil yourself!

All GladRagRibbons ship worldwide straight from the United Kingdom!

The dark pink double sided satin ribbon featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from GladRagRibbons! It’s available in 20M, 50M and 100M! It features a fantastic polyester satin!

GladRagRibbons are much loved British-made ribbons, simply packaged on environmentally friendly and recyclable cardboard spools! Use them in hair accessories, bouquets, jewelry, costumes, hats, gift wrapping and much, much more!

GladRagRibbons are renowned for their lustre and radiance!

Feel free to check out all their ribbon reels here on Etsy!


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