XYZ Workshop…Trinkets with a Futuristic Feel!

XYZ Workshop on Etsy was formed in early 2013, by Australian Architects, Elena Low and Kae Woei Lim. This husband and wife team were intrigued by desktop manufacturing and spent their time away from their usual architectural work tinkering around with their kit assembled 3D printer from Ultimaker. Much like architecture, they were drawn into 3D Printing as it fuses aspects of Art, Sculpture and Technology. Their joint passion for 3D design prompted the founding of their unique Etsy shop called XYZ Workshop.  XYZ Workshop offers a variety of modern 3D printed trinkets including cute robot succulent planters, geometric rings and bangle jewelry, and birds sculptures!

One of my personal favorites from XYZ Workshop is the set of three 3D printed Robot planters featured in the photograph here! If you buy 3 of XYZ Workshop’s popular robot planters as a set, you get a discounted rate! I love the modern design of these little robots and how you can make them your own by adding your own favorite succulents! These would make a quirky, great addition to an office desk or a shelf in any room!

With a 5 star Etsy rating heralding great products, fast shipping and great seller communication, XYZ Workshop never fails to dissappoint!

Feel free to check out more of XYZ Workshops 3D printer items here-


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