JeanandAlexander on Etsy…Trendy, Creative Jewelry!

JeanandAlexander on Etsy brings you trendy and creative necklaces, bracelets and earrings! Shop owner Kerri Babcock out of Saint Charles, IL believes that the best part of creating jewelry is seeing the joy it brings to the person wearing it! For her there is no greater satisfaction! Kerri has been involved in the jewelry industry for over 12 years and recently decided to start making her own jewelry and instantly became hooked! She has always enjoyed crafting, sewing and baking but possesses a special passion for jewelry. Creating jewelry brings Kerri an artistic outlet that allows her to relax, unwind and allow her creativity to flow!

One of my favorite pieces from JeanandAlexander on Etsy is the flower and butterfly necklace featured in the photograph here! I love the layered necklace look and the combination of the turquoise color with the cream colored rose!

Kerri is prompt to answer any questions you may have and she loves accepting custom orders as well! If there is something you’re looking for but can’t find, she will do her best to create what you need. If there is a necklace or bracelet that you like, however you need it shortened or lengthened or maybe you would prefer a different color, she will accommodate you! Need special gifts for your wedding party? Or need custom bridal jewelry? She can accommodate any special celebration you may need a gift for!

Feel free to browse JeanandAlexander on Etsy here!

You can also follow JeanandAlexander on Facebook and Instagram!


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