3DPillows on Etsy…Pillows with a unique contemporary touch!

3DPillows on Etsy offers unique decorative pillow covers that offer a contemporary touch! Shop owner Alise is a knit wear designer who hand crafts all her pillow covers out of Tel Aviv, Israel. What I love so much about pillow covers is that they allow you to easily change up your color scheme or theme in a living room or bedroom! Transform your space with an impressive pillow cover from 3DPillows on Etsy!

The Sunny Day Blue Sky Cloud Pillow Cover featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from 3DPillows on Etsy. This pillow cover has a textured one of a kind pattern and makes for a neat, 3D contemporary look! The pillow cover consists of a removable cover with an invisible zipper closure at the bottom. This particular pillow measures 20×20″ (or 50 x 50 cm). Inserts for your pillow cover can easily be purchased at any craft or fabric store!

Feel free to explore 3DPillows on Etsy here!


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