GalleryLF on Etsy…a Lost and Found Photo Gallery

GalleryLF on Etsy features a large Lost and Found photo gallery with nearly 4,000 different antique, vintage and intriguing photographs! Shop owner David Sears operates his Etsy Shop out of his tiny photo reproduction studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dave has always been interested in photos of the past and has been involved in photo reproduction for about 10 years now! Over the years he has amassed a considerable collection of antique, vintage and interesting prints from various historical societies, museums and other sources worldwide. All prints being from the public domain. These prints are wonderful for framing in homes, offices, shops, restaurants and much, much more! Even better, you are able to select the desired size you need from each of Lost and Found Gallery’s photos.

The print featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from GalleryLF. Titled ‘Painting in Wheelchair 1914’ the print captures Pierre Auguste Renoir immersed in his artistic element. I love this piece for an art or crafting room to bring artistic inspiration.

For U.S. Orders, items ship for just $3.25 for the first item and any additional prints ship for free. International orders are a flat rate of $8.25 with all additional prints shipping for free.

Discounts are always a bit of happiness in life! Feel free to take advantage of these currently active coupon codes for GalleryLF!

GALLERYLF50 10% off orders over 50

GALLERYLF100 20% off orders over 100

GALLERYLF150 25% off orders over 150

Explore GalleryLF here!


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