PoppiesBlossom on Etsy…Super Fun Wreaths for all Different Occasions!

PoppiesBlossom on Etsy brings you a variety of super fun wreaths from colorful flip flop wreaths, Halloween themed wreaths, frame wreaths to burlap and lemon accented kitchen wreaths!  Shop owner, Nikole Harrington out of North Canton, Ohio created PoppiesBlossom in remembrance of her father who recently passed away. She has been inspired to carry on his legacy and the wisdom he instilled in her to become a successful small business owner.  She loves taking custom orders and will design wreaths in specific colors for you if requested.  She will also attach a small card with a customized message with your wreath if it is a gift!

The colorful flip flop wreath featured in the photograph here is one of my favorites from PoppiesBlossom on Etsy! I love it’s burst of color with the flowers, brightly colored flip flops and the little rhinestone embellishments! It would make a super cute addition to a front door, beach home, girls room and much more!

Also, now through 8/31/15, for repeat customers PoppiesBlossom customers will receive a 10% off thank you coupon after a purchase!

Feel free to explore PoppiesBlossom on Etsy here!


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