Myflowersforever on Etsy…keeping memories close to the heart!

Myflowersforever on Etsy makes it possible to turn your fresh flowers or dried petals into special memorial jewelry and meaningful gifts. Always looking for a new creative outlet, shop owner Cristina Segarra has incorporated jewelry making and floral preservation by making beads out of flower petals. Cristina creates each bead by hand, while her talented staff helps her complete the process of making the beads into unique jewelry pieces!

The special BellaBeads can be made from flower petals from any memorable occasion including weddings, memorials, anniversaries, mommy’s first flowers; or any occasion worth remembering! They can use either fresh petals from a recent event, or dried petals from a flower you have saved for years! After Myflowersforever receives your flowers they go through a drying process and are then crushed into small pieces and mixed with a color enhancing and hardening agent. They are hand rolled into beads that are then fired, cooled, sanded, buffed and sealed with a glass-like finish. The results appear to be very delicate beads with tiny pieces of flowers peeking through; however, they are durable and forever lasting. I love the fact that each bead is unique in appearance and cannot be duplicated! Your unique flower beads are then transformed into wonderfully unique pieces of jewelry that make great memorial gifts. Myflowersforever makes memories that can be worn every day to keep a special loved one or event close to heart! All of Myflowersforever jewelry is made using .925 sterling silver to bring you high quality, lasting pieces. A gift from Myflowersforever would make a truly special gift for a grieving friend or a loved one.

The bellabead peacock pearl bracelet featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from Myflowersforever on Etsy. It features a beautiful bellabead that is crafted using your own flower petals, a gorgeous collection of peacock pearls and a 1 inch round sterling silver monogrammed charm. I love the pairing of the personalized monogram charm with the memorial bellabead!
The team at Myflowersforever looks forward to being part of your special memories! Browse some of their creations here-


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